Lisbon-based Shcuro is an emerging DJ, producer and label owner.

His first contact with a DJ setup happened at age 15, and that’s when Shcuro decided to buy his own turntables and mixer – and started producing his own beats, too.

Shcuro DJ and live sets are a hypnotic blend of dark, industrial techno and breakbeat, and he has showcased that in several performances in clubs and festivals in Portugal and Spain.

In late 2008, he moved to Barcelona, where he stayed for two years and studied music production at SAE Institute.
Now based in Portugal, he’s focused on his work as a digital/sound designer and music producer of both original compositions and remixes.

His first record, ‘Distant Shores’, came out in 2012 on the Catalan/Peruvian label Basal and got him some media exposure for his fusion of Dub, Techno and cinematic textures. He was then commissioned to work on several remixes for artists such as A.M.O.R., JGYB, Rastronaut, Violet and Mind Safari.

Since then, he’s written more 5 EPs – ‘Ignis Fatuus’ for Circus Maximus (which featured a remix from Headbirds), ‘Plunge Into Darkness’ for con+ainer ‘All Black Everything’ for the dutch record label Obscuur Techno, ‘Black Mist’ for Golden Mist Records, and ‘Black Acid’ for Sombra (with remixes from Paul Mac, Myler & Larix) exploring new territories in contemporary dance music.

In 2014 he started Sombra, his own vinyl imprint, focused on releasing dark techno moods and gritty grim noises: the next step on making his own vision of dance music materialize in a new and exciting platform.